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Healthy unrest: Canova stimulates CD4 cells in ART treated virologically suppressed but immunologically unresponsive HIV patients

Presented by Hans Jaeger, .

H. Jaeger1, J. Eger1, C. Koegl2, E. Wolf2, A. Balogh2, E. Jaegel-Guedes1, N. Naik3, I. Gilada4

1HIV Research and Clinical Care Centre Munich, Munich, Germany, 2MUC Research, Munich, Germany, 3Canova Africa, Randburg, South Africa, 4Unison Medicare & Research Centre, Mumbai, India

Background: In few HIV-patients CD4 cell counts do not increase despite HAART and persistent viral load reduction. Canova, a homeopathic combination tincture of Aconitum napellus (11DH) Arsenicum album (19DH), Bryonia alba (18DH), Thuya occidentalis (19DH), is used in situations where the immune system is compromised. There is some data from pilot studies in India and Brazil that Canova can increase CD4 cells and improve general well-being in HIV-patients.
Methods: Pilot study in HIV+ patients with suppressive HAART but low CD4 counts; inclusion criteria were a stable clinical situation, viral load <40 cop/µl and an unchanged CD4 count <250/µl for
³12 months. Patients received Canova in addition to HAART over a period of 16 weeks (3x10 drops/day with succussion). Patients were monitored during treatment with Canova and up to 6 months after stopping Canova.
Results: Ten patients (8 males) with a median age of 62 years (33 to 77 years) were included. At Canova start, median CD4 count was 161/µl (range: 102/µl-259/µl); 48 weeks before Canova start, median CD4 count was 151/µl (- 7/µl, p=n.s.) and 24 weeks before Canova start median CD4 count was 166/µl (+ 4/µl, p=n.s.) - reflecting a stable low CD4 count prior to Canova. There was a significant increase of +28 CD4/µl (median; p=0.02) after 8 weeks on Canova, which could not be confirmed after 16 weeks (p=n.s.). Two patients reported subjective improvement of general well-being. Two months after stopping Canova, median CD4 change was +54/µl (p=0.03) and after 6 months median CD4 change was still +39/µl (p=0.04).
Conclusions: In this small pilot study, HIV-patients with suppressive HAART but without immunological response for more than12 months seemed to benefit from a 16 week-treatment with the homeopathic drug combination Canova. After an observation time of nearly 6 months after stopping Canova, we still observed an immunological improvement compared to the pre Canova period.

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