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HIV/HCV coinfection: study of mother-to-infant transmission of HIV and HCV

I. Simonova, M. Geine, J. Vlatskaya, A. Olshanskiy, A. Mazus

Moscow Center of AIDS, Moscow, Russian Federation

Background: To study HIV and HCV perinatal transmission rate in HIV-1 infected women and HIV/HCV coinfected women.
Methods: We observed 1887 HIV-1 positive pregnant women enrolled from 1995 to 2007 in the Moscow Centre of AIDS. Maternal HCV serology was assessed at 20-30 weeks of gestational age (Monolisa HCV Ag-Ab ULTRA, confirmed by immunoblot INNO-LIATM HCV Ab III update). Plasma from infants born these mothers were tested for antibodies to HIV, HCV using ELISA/immunoblot and HIV-1, HCV viral load by PCR (Cobas AmpliPrep/Cobas Amplicor HIV-1 MonitorTM Test,v.1.5; Cobas Amplicor HCV MonitorTM Test,v.2.0 of Roche). Infants were monitored from birth to 18 months of age(all of them were not breastfed).

HIV-1 infected pregnant women-1887
Anti-HCV negative 1075(57%) Anti-HCV positive 812(43%)
anti-HIV+ anti-HCV- HIV-RNA+ HCV-RNA- anti-HIV- anti-HCV- HIV-RNA- HCV-RNA- anti-HIV+ anti-HCV+ HIV-RNA+ HCV-RNA+ anti-HIV+ anti-HCV- HIV-RNA+ HCV-RNA- anti-HIV- anti-HCV+ HIV-RNA- HCV-RNA+ anti-HIV- anti-HCV- HIV-RNA- HCV-RNA-
79 infants 996 infants 33 infants 56 infants 75 infants 648 infants
7,3% 92,7% 11% 9,2% 79,8%
Transmission HIV "Healthy" Transmission HIV Transmission HСV "Healthy"
HIV-1 infected pregnant women were divided into two groups: 57% (1075/1887) - anti-HCV negative; 43% (812/1887) - anti-HCV positive. HIV perinatal transmission rate was 7,3% (79/1075) in HIV+/HCV- mothers and 11%(89/812) in HIV+/HCV+ mothers. Combined HIV/HCV perinatal transmission rate was 4,0% (33/812) in HIV/HCV coinfected mothers. HCV perinatal transmission rate was 9,2% (75/812) in HIV/HCV coinfected mothers.
Conclusions: HIV-1/HCV coinfection in pregnant women increase the HIV-1 perinatal transmission rate.

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