New Insights into HIV Transmission and Pathogenesis  MOSY06

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Venue: SR 3 (550)
Interpretation: None
Time: 14:30 - 16:00, 04.08.2008
Code: MOSY06
Chairperson: Eric Hunter, United States

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This session is targeted to clinicians, scientists and clinical researchers in HIV pathogenesis and the use of animal models to understand HIV.

Presentations in this session:

Determinants of HIV transmission
Eric Hunter, United States

Novel animal models for HIV transmission and pathogenesis
Victor Garcia Martinez, United States

Host restriction in T cells and macrophages
Mario Stevenson, United States

Immune basis of HIV pathogenesis
Guido Silvestri, United States

Rapporteur report

Track A report by Guido Silvestri
This symposium session had four talks that focused on four key areas of basic HIV/AIDS research: virus transmission (Eric Hunter); murine models of HIV infection (Victor Garcia-Martinez); host cell restriction factors (Mario Stevenson); and immune activation as a pathogenic factor (Guido Silvestri). This high profile session introduced the audience to a series of major recent advances in our ability to understand HIV transmission and pathogenesis. Dr. Hunter’s talk elucidated the nature and relevance of genetic bottlenecks that appear to be present at the time of virus transmission. Dr. Garcia-Martinez summarized the state-of-the-art on the use of humanized murine models (particularly the bone marrow/thymus/liver system) to study HIV transmission and pathogenesis. Dr. Stevenson’s talk provided an overview of the host cell-virus restriction factors, with emphasis of the newly described role of Vpu as counteracting the antiviral cellular factor CD317/Tetherin/BST-2. Finally, Dr. Silvestri’s talks emphasized the role of the HIV-associated chronic immune activation in disease progression, and commented on how studies of natural SIV infections support this model.



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