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Conference Programme

Click here to browse the new and improved Programme-at-a-Glance developed especially to simplify navigation through the programme of the biggest HIV/AIDS conference to take place in Latin America. The new PAG includes features that will help you make the most out of your conference experience.

The AIDS 2008 conference programme has been developed by an international committee of experts and guarantees sessions of great quality built around themes spanning scientific, policy and programmatic relevance. Sessions seek to share key research findings, lessons learned, gaps in knowledge and best practices as well as promoting dialogue and engaging with and linking people in an ongoing way, rather than focusing exclusively on five days of meetings.

Conference sessions focus on the latest issues in HIV science, policy and practice. More than half of all sessions presented at the conference will be abstract-driven, that is, based on the abstracts that have been submitted and selected through a blind peer-review process. Other sessions include daily plenary sessions where leading HIV scientists, policy specialists and community leaders will address the audience every morning and reflect on the many facets of the conference theme, Universal Action Now.

In addition to conference sessions, AIDS 2008 features satellite meetings, exhibitions, and skills building workshops, as well as a number of programme activities, such as the Global Village, and Cultural and Youth Programmes, which are integral to delegates’ experience.

For more information on the conference programme, visit www.aids2008.org/programmeactivities.

Source of the Conference Programme

The conference programme is developed by official AIDS 2008 committees and working groups.

Click here to find out how the conference programme comes about.

Participants at the AIDS 2008 Marathon Meeting

Auditorio Nacional
Auditorio Nacional
Paseo de la Reforma 50
Printed Programme
The printed programme is now available online.

Click here to download it.
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