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International Scholarships Programme
Financial assistance will be offered to a number of people from developing countries, community groups, marginalized communities, people living with HIV and AIDS, youth and students to help them attend the conference.

Please note that funding is very limited and demand for scholarships is high.
Media Scholarships Programme

A limited number of scholarships will also be available for HIV and AIDS related media representatives from around the world.
Important Dates

13 December 2007
Scholarship applications open

26 February 2008
Scholarship applications close

End of April 2008
All scholarship applicants will be notified

Click here for a full list of key dates.

Applying for a Scholarship

Scholarship applications are now closed.

Scholarship Types

Scholarships will be offered to people from a variety of backgrounds, including those who are submitting abstracts, skills building session proposals and programme activities proposals (Global Village, Cultural Programme or Youth Programme). A number of applicants who are not submitting directly to the conference programme, as well as media representatives will also be granted scholarships.

Types of Support

Applicants can request a full or partial scholarship.

A full scholarship includes:

  • registration to the conference;
  • economy-class return airfare;
  • shared accommodation in a budget hotel;
  • modest daily allowance.

A partial scholarship includes any combination of the above.

Application Criteria

Applications are open to anyone who is working in the field of HIV/AIDS.

Most of the questions asked on the application form are related to personal details and work experience. There are also four essay-type questions which ask for further details regarding the applicant’s organization, occupation or involvement in HIV/AIDS, motivation to attend the conference and how the applicant’s organization or community would benefit from the scholarship.

Media scholarship applicants will also be asked to provide media accreditation and supporting documents. No media application will be accepted without submission of the required supporting documents.

Contact Details
Scholarship Department

AIDS 2008 International Scholarship Department

AIDS 2008 Media Scholarship Department

The conference organizers are committed to making AIDS 2008 accessible to people from resource-constrained environments and to young scientists globally.

For AIDS 2006 in Toronto close to 1,000 international scholarships were granted. For AIDS 2008 we have allocated the same share of the total budget for international scholarships, and therefore have the ambition to be able to offer the same level of scholarships as that for AIDS 2006.

Click here for our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

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