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The governance of AIDS 2008 relates to two distinct components of the conference:
  • The overall programme and other content issues of the conference are under the responsibility of the Conference Coordinating Committee (CCC, see below). The CCC is also in charge of the conference policies as well as the budget guidelines.
  • The financial and logistical responsibility of the conference resides with the IAS, which provides the conference secretariat and underwrites the financial risk of the conference.
Conference Coordinating Committee
The CCC is comprised of representatives from the IAS, four international civil society partners, three partners from UNAIDS and co-sponsors (currently WHO and WFP), six local partners (including the Mexican government), and the nine programme committee co-chairs. The CCC is chaired by IAS President, Pedro Cahn, and co-chaired by AIDS 2008 local conference chair, Luis Soto Ramirez.

Programme Committees
The responsibility for the conference programme and activities are mainly delegated by the CCC to the three programme committees:
  • The Scientific Programme Committee (SPC)
  • The Community Programme Committee (CPC)
  • The Leadership Programme Committee (LPC)
Abstract Driven Sessions
The SPC has 5 Track Committees, each including 10-12 technical experts. These track committees work at the Marathon Meeting to select the abstract driven session presentations. The abstracts are screened and scored by over 1300 abstract reviewers, with each abstract being scored by 3 reviewers at least.

Non-Abstract Driven Sessions
The three committees work together to shape the non-abstract driven sessions of the programme. This is done through Joint Programme Committee meetings and internally in each committee.

Skills Building Workshops
Anyone can submit a Skills Building Workshop Proposal. Proposals are peer reviewed and scored.

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