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1. The impact of sex education in the HIV/AIDS prevention
(Conference Abstract)
Background: In Latin America, it is of growing concern the number of young people who have become infected with HIV. Sexual behavior, illicit drug use, absence of information about HIV, absence of health services, and political, cu...

2. Monitoring ARV price negotiations in Latin America and the Caribbean
(Conference Abstract)
Background: Different schemes for improved affordability of governments in providing ARVs within national and regional levels have been implemented, such as price reduction strategies at national and regional levels. In Latin Americ...

3. Protecting the human rights of PLWHA in Guatemala
(Conference Abstract)
Background: The Right to the highest attainable standard of Health Care for PLWHA could be violated if ARV drugs dispensation is interrupted. In April 2005, a legal action was undertaken through the Office of the Human Rights Ombuds...

4. HIV seroprevalence and other blood borne and sexually transmitted infections among coca paste users from Buenos Aires, Argentina
(Conference Abstract)
Background: The use of coca paste also used in Bolivia, Colombia, Chile, Perú and Uruguay, has increased in Buenos Aires in the last decade. Coca paste is an intermediate step in the manufacturing process between coca leaves ...

5. Analysis of Latin American and Caribbean HIV media campaign through the gender lenses
(Conference Abstract)
Description: HIV prevention campaigns have been developed in Latin America and the Caribbean since the early 90’s. TV spots are one of the most popular media, because of their ability to reach all type households, regardless of soci...

6. The Latin America and Caribbean prenatal testing initiative of horizontal cooperation in the integration of prenatal care with the diagnosis and treatment of HIV and syphilis
(Conference Abstract)
Issues: A large portion of Latin American women seek care during their pregnancies, which provides the perfect opportunity to offer them the tests for HIV and syphilis and to follow up with appropriate clinical care. These are often

7. National campaign against homophobia in Mexico
(Conference Abstract)
Issues: HIV/AIDS prevention and response face to homophobia, reducing discrimination by sexual preference and orientation, groups at risk of HIV infection. Description: The first campaign against homophobia in Mexico was

8. Integrating triple therapy for PMtCT into public and NGO clinics in the Dominican Republic
(Conference Abstract)
Issues: In the Dominican Republic, women who test HIV positive during pregnancy are referred to the national PMtCT program. The national protocol stipulates cesarean section at 38 weeks gestation, single dose NVP for mother and chil...

9. Comparison of various studies of the impact of the epidemic in geographic areas of high social vulnerability
(Conference Abstract)
Issues: It presents various studies to evaluate how the epidemic is stronger in the areas of high social and economic vulnerability. Description: It uses a mapping system divided by geographical districts in relation to

10. Closing the treatment gap in the Caribbean: civil society partnerships as a model of care for excluded groups
(Conference Abstract)
Issues: PAHO reports Caribbean treatment programmes reach approximately 50% of those estimated to be in need of ART. Civil society consultations show that treatment models have almost entirely forgotten PLHIV from marginalised grou...

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