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AIDS 2008 Impact Report

Download the full report or choose a chapter below:

AIDS 2008 Evaluation Report 

The AIDS 2008 Evaluation Report is now available, click here to download the pdf.

Preview of AIDS 2008 Closing Session

The closing session will take place on Friday, 8 August 2008 from 13:30 to 15:00 in Session Room 1.

See the list of speakers

Closing Speeches Abstract Books

The abstract books are now available online: Vol.1 and Vol.2.

Conference content available online

The full conference programme is now available through the Programme-at-a-Glance (PAG).

During the conference, PowerPoint presentations, English audio recordings, rapporteur reports and abstracts for most sessions will also be available online through the PAG. Some sessions will also have audio recordings of interpretations into other languages than English, as well as links to webcasts and transcripts.

Printed programme

The Conference Programme and the Activities Programme are now available online.

General Information Guide

Download the guide

Official press releases

25 August 2008 - International AIDS Society (IAS) Statement Regarding Brigada Callejera's Claim of an IAS Sanction for Demonstrating at the AIDS 2008 Closing Session

08 August 2008 - Julio Montaner (Canada) becomes IAS President, Elly Katabira (Uganda) elected IAS President-Elect

08 August 2008 - Global public health goals thwarted by human rights violations, gender inequality and stigma

07 August 2008 - HIV experts underscore natural alliance between the response to AIDS and efforts to expand primary care, strengthen health systems in poor countries

Read additional press releases issued by the conference.

Daily conference newspaper

During the conference, read the latest news and developments as featured in the GlobalVoice.

Other News

05 August 2008 - Spain's Minister of Health Soria Announces the Addition of Lipoatrophy Repairing Treatment to the Common Services Portfolio of the National Health System

05 August 2008 -
New Global HIV Prevention Working Group report issued today: "Behavior Change and HIV Prevention: (Re)Considerations for the 21st Century".

05 August 2008 -
French and EU President delivers message via French AIDS Ambassador Louis-Charles Viossat to IAS President and AIDS 2008 Conference Chair Pedro Cahn and IAS Executive Director Craig McClure

Read the message in English, Spanish and French.

Reaction from Act Up-Paris

AIDS 2008 Carbon offset

Read about the three projects supported by the donations from AIDS 2008 conference delegates to offset their fight carbon emission

Expanded online coverage

Clinical Care Options is the official online provider of scientific information for AIDS 2008. CCO’s online coverage begins the week of 3 August and includes Capsule Summaries of important clinical data, downloadable slidesets, audio and video commentaries, and more.

Daily aidsmap Conference News from AIDS 2008

Rapporteur reports and summaries

An international team of rapporteurs will be on-site to report on conference sessions and describe major findings and discussions. Session reports and daily summaries are be available here.

Virtual media centre

Visit the Virtual Media
for press releases, photos, and other resources available to more than 2,000 journalists covering AIDS 2008.

Visit the AIDS 2008 photo library 

Free, high resolution photos from AIDS 2008 for use by the media and others (with appropriate credit) are available here.

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