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Abstract Categories

Track A: Biology and Pathogenesis of HIV
  • Basic retrovirology including non-HIV retroviruses (SIV, HTLV-1, etc)
  • Viral diversity and bioinformatics
  • Pathogenesis
  • Immunology
  • HIV drug resistance
  • AIDS vaccines (preventative and therapeutic) and microbicides (pre-clinical)
  • Drug development (pre-clinical)
  • Gene therapy
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Track B: Clinical Research, Treatment and Care
  • Course of infection and disease
  • Diagnosis and monitoring tools
  • HIV-associated diseases
  • Antiretroviral therapies (strategic categories apply to resource rich and constrained settings)
  • Health systems and delivery of antiretroviral therapies and care- (in resource rich and constrained settings)
  • Children and adolescents-specific issues
  • Complications of therapy and adherence
  • Other therapies
  • Provision of care and therapy
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Track C: Epidemiology, Prevention and Prevention

  • Epidemiology of HIV/AIDS
  • Methodological issues and capacity-building in epidemiological and prevention research
  • HIV/AIDS surveillance, monitoring and evaluation
  • Evaluation of biomedical interventions to prevent HIV
  • Evaluation of behavioural interventions to prevent HIV
  • Prevention programmes
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Track D: Social, Behavioural and Economic Science
  • Social and economic contexts
  • Gender, age, race and ethnicity
  • Sexuality and sexual cultures
  • Drug and substance use
  • Living with HIV/AIDS
  • Economic, social and related issues
  • Social, behavioural and economic methods and theories
  • Evaluation of AIDS national programmes and responses
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Track E: Policy and Political Sciences
  • Politics and policy development
  • Policy implementation and impact
  • Policy analysis, monitoring and evaluation
  • Human rights, law and ethics
  • Actors’ roles and responsibilities
  • Security, international relations and humanitarian disasters
  • International responses and funding
  • Impact of HIV/AIDS on other policy areas
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