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Key Dates

All deadlines refer to 24:00 (i.e. midnight) on the given date in your local time zone or if different, the time zone of the country that you are submitting from (this also includes applications, bookings, registrations and other activities listed below). No submissions for any part of the conference will be accepted after this time.

1 November 2007
- Abstract submissions open
- Exhibitions, Satellites and Affiliated Events applications open

26 November 2007
- Skills building workshop proposals open

December 2007
- Registrations open
- Accommodation bookings open
- Tour bookings open

13 December 2007
- International scholarship applications open
- Media scholarship applications open
- Global Village applications open
- Cultural Programme applications open
- Youth Programme application open

19 February 2008
- Standard registration fee ends (late surcharge begins)
- Skills building workshops proposals close
- Global Village applications close
- Cultural Programme applications close
- Youth programme applications close
- Abstracts submissions close

26 February 2008
- International scholarship applications close
- Media scholarship applications close

10 April 2008
- Satellites applications close

7 May 2008
- Registration late surcharge ends (last minute surcharge begins 8 May)
Deadline for registration cancellation (with 50% refund)

15 May 2008
- Affiliated Events applications close

20 May 2008
- Late Breaker Abstract submissions open

31 May 2008
- Exhibitions applications close

16 June 2008
- Late Breaker Abstract submissions close

20 June 2008
- Guaranteed room availibilty for delegates ends
- Late accommodation booking surcharge begins
- Free changes of accommodation bookings end
- Cancellation of accommodation bookings to a fee of USD 60 ends (after this date no refunds of accommodation deposits will be given)
- Free cancellation of tour bookings ends
- Deadline for Letter of Invitation requests


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