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TRACK C: Epidemiology, prevention and prevention research

Epidemiology of HIV/AIDS  
  • C1 Natural history, progression and survival
  • C2 Trends in morbidity and mortality>
  • C3 Modeling
  • C4 Risk factors for acquisition of HIV
  • C5 Risk factors for infectivity, susceptibility, progression and transmission of HIV
  • C6 Epidemiology of tuberculosis and HIV
  • C7 Epidemiology of sexually transmitted infections (STI) and HIV
  • C8 Epidemiology of viral hepatitis and HIV co-infection
  • C9 Epidemiology of vulnerabilities to HIV
  • C10 HIV seroepidemiologic studies
Methodological Issues and Capacity-Building in Epidemiological and Prevention Research   
  • C11 Novel research designs in epidemiology
  • C12 Novel research designs in prevention research
  • C13 Ethical issues in epidemiological research
  • C14 Ethical issues in prevention research
  • C15 Methods in social epidemiology
  • C16 Capacity building for HIV prevention research
HIV/AIDS Surveillance, Monitoring and Evaluation 
  • C17 Behavioral surveillance
  • C18 Measuring new HIV infections
  • C19 Surveillance of HIV and AIDS
  • C20 Surveillance systems and methods
  • C21 Opportunistic infections surveillance
  • C22 Epidemiology of sexual behaviour
  • C23 Population-based surveys with HIV testing
  • C24 Monitoring and evaluation 
Evaluation of Biomedical Interventions to Prevent HIV 
  • C25 Interventions to prevent mother-to-child transmission
  • C26 Male and female condoms and other physical barriers
  • C27 Harm reduction, including reduction of unsafe injecting and other harm reduction approaches
  • C28 Blood, organ and tissue safety
  • C29 Male circumcision
  • C30 STI prevention and control
  • C31 Pre-exposure prophylaxis
  • C32 Post-exposure prophylaxis
  • C33 Microbicides
  • C34 Vaccines
Evaluation of Behavioral Interventions to Prevent HIV  
  • C35 Determinants of HIV risk and protective behaviors
  • C36 Individual level interventions
  • C37 Interventions at the group, community, institutional or structural levels
  • C38 Evaluation of behavioral interventions for people living with HIV
  • C39 Sustainability and availability of interventions
  • C40 Interventions addressing vulnerabilities to HIV and AIDS
Prevention Programmes 
  • C41 HIV counseling and testing
  • C42 Prevention programmes in institutional settings e.g. workplace, school, prison, military
  • C43 Harm-reduction strategies and HIV prevention programmes for drug users
  • C44 Prevention programmes for youth and adolescents
  • C45 Prevention programmes to reduce HIV infections in infants
  • C46 Prevention programmes addressing gender inequalities
  • C47 Vulnerability reduction
  • C48 Prevention programmes for male and female sex workers
  • C49 Prevention programmes for men who have sex with men (MSM)
  • C50 Prevention programmes for transgenders
  • C51 Prevention programmes for immigrants, mobile and displaced populations
  • C52 Prevention programmes for people living with HIV
  • C53 Prevention programmes for indigenous populations
  • C54 Prevention programmes for the general population
  • C55 Integrating HIV prevention into reproductive health/STI programmes
  • C56 Integrating HIV prevention and care and treatment programmes
  • C57 Integration of HIV prevention programmes and other health programmes

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