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Programme Activities

In addition to the conference sessions, AIDS 2008 will feature a set of programme activities that are open to delegates as well as the public. The programme activities for AIDS 2008 will include:

The Global Village
The Global Village aims to intensify the involvement of affected and marginalized communities in the conference and in the global response to HIV/AIDS, in order to bring effective prevention and treatment to communities. Examples of activities include sessions, forums, oral presentations and awards; networking zones; NGO exhibition booths and marketplace booths.
Download the AIDS 2006 Global Village Monitoring and Evaluation Report.
Click here for more information.

The Youth Programme
The Youth Programme aims to strengthen the participation of youth and the profile of youth issues in the conference through activities such as a youth pavilion, an electronic youth bulletin, a youth media hub, youth presentation space, youth mentorship activities and a youth website.
Click here for more information.

The Cultural Programme
The Cultural Programme aims to highlight the role of art and culture in the response to and prevention of HIV/AIDS by means of visual arts, literature; film and video; performing arts and other activities.
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Applications for the Global Village, youth and cultural programmes are now closed. Thank you for submitting your proposals, these will go through a peer-review process and notifications will be sent late April 2008.


Global Village                     globalvillage@aids2008.org
Youth Programme               youth@aids2008.org
Cultural Programme            culture@aids2008.org


Guide to Community Involvement in AIDS 2008
The community guide is available in English and in Bahasa.
Activities Programme
Click here to download the Activities Programme.

Global Village Monitoring and Evaluation Report
Download the Global Village Monitoring and Evaluation Report.

The Global Village Report is also available in Spanish, translation kindly provided by Tibotec, Canada.
Global Village Sponsor
The Global Village gratefully acknowledges the generous support provided by its principal sponsor, GlaxoSmithKline’s Positive Action Programme.

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